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St. Timothy seeks to assist worshipers in renewing their spiritual lives and deepening their understanding of God, the Lord Jesus, true family, and God-pleasing good works. We offer worship with Holy Communion on Sundays at 9:30 a.m. and Saturdays at 5:30 p.m. We invite you and your family to join us!


If you are a visitor, please complete a visitor registration card (located in the pew rack) and place it in the offering plate. Please do not be shy about asking for assistance from your neighbor or the pastor. We invite you to join us for Coffee Fellowship after Sunday worship.


Worship Folders

Today’s worship folder contains the Assembly’s words for worship. Additional texts and music are in the red Worship hymnals, located in the pew racks.

  • Music and complete texts for the liturgies are in the front quarter of the red hymnals: e.g., “S102” is on page 102.
  • Psalms 1 – 150 appear in order in the second quarter of the hymnal, immediately after page 338. They are read or chanted responsively by verse.
  • Hymns 151 – 893 appear in the back half of the red Worship hymnals.



We welcome children at worship! Booster cushions and other items are available in the Narthex (entrance to the worship space). Children love the physical activity of worship. Help them fold their hands and bow their heads in prayer. Show them when to stand and sit. Practice the simple phrases and responses in worship. Encourage them to share the peace with other members of the congregation.


A licensed St. Timothy Preschool teacher offers child care for infants and toddlers during Sunday worship. Please ask an usher to direct you to the Infant Room in our Administration Building if you desire child care.


Alternative Rejoicing for Kids (A.R.K.)

A.R.K. is an exciting worship opportunity for children who attend our Sunday worship services. Children (three years through 5th grade) gather before the liturgy and sit together. Before the first reading, they exit to “Children’s Church” with an adult volunteer for a special time of worship and age-specific learning. The children rejoin their families after the sermon, during the Sharing of the Peace. A.R.K. offers our children an opportunity to learn and enjoy worship at their own level.


Assisted Hearing Devices

Assisted hearing devices are available on the children’s table in the Narthex. They are easy to use: just take one receiver and one earphone and plug it in. Rotate the wheel on top to turn it on and adjust the volume. After the church service, turn the receiver off and return it to the children’s table. If you prefer to use your own earphones, the unit takes any standard earphone such as one on a portable radio. Note: these are not “stereo” receivers. If the hearing aid unit you pick up for use during the service does not work, it probably needs new batteries. Batteries are located in the cupboard in the Narthex. If you need assistance, an usher can help you change batteries. If the unit you pick up does not work at all, please hand it to an usher so that it may be repaired.


Communion Statement & Procedures

The Holy Communion is celebrated in accordance with Holy Scripture and the Confessions of the Lutheran Church. In the Sacrament of the Altar, our Lord offers his true body and blood for the forgiveness of sins, life, and salvation. All baptized Christians who agree with this teaching are encouraged to receive the sacrament. At the time of the distribution, the people stand and approach the altar at the direction of the ushers. The Body of Christ is received in the upturned palm of the hand. The Blood of Christ is received by either drinking wine from the chalice or by individual glasses. The outer row on the tray contains grape juice and the inner rows contain wine. If you choose the chalice, please grasp it and drink as you would from any other cup. If you prefer to receive a pastoral blessing rather than the sacrament, please cross your arms in front of your chest.


Home Visits

If you would like a home visit, please call The Reverend Will Hazard at (562) 421-8441. In case of an emergency, Pastor Hazard can be reached at (562) 790-8380.


St. Timothy Preschool

St. Timothy Preschool offers classes for Infants, Toddlers, and 3 through 5-year-olds, both full-time and part-time. Call (562) 421-8441 to schedule a tour or speak to Director Velia Guerra.